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Enigma Finally Solved

Myriad Clues Hidden in Plain Sight over 120 Years

San Diego author and scholar John T. Cullen reveals, for the first time ever, the true, tragic story of beautiful but naive young Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Wyllie, whose dreams collided with the evil machinations of grifter Kate Morgan. Kate's ambitious blackmail scheme was aimed at one of the wealthiest men in the world—John Spreckels, owner of the Hotel del Coronado, one of many easily ascertainable facts usually not mentioned but critically relevant. Kate's dark plot went terribly wrong, leaving the Beautiful Stranger (Lizzie, in this account) violently killed. Kate escaped with their common lover John Longfield. All this comes to light after generations of coverup and enigma—yet the truth was hidden in plain sight all long. A national sensation in 1892, and now a part of history, there is much more about this amazing story that you must learn.

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