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Nonfiction: True History

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Fiction: Noir Novel Based on Dead Move

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Two Older Billboard Sites. This author note is offered just for information. No need to visit those two older sites because all the info has been moved to this central site for all things 1892 True Crime/Famous Ghost on Coronado Island near San Diego. The two original books (Dead Move and Lethal Journey) can still be bought separately (e-book or p-book), but they are now also available as a duet (two in one) titled Coronado Mystery (whose website you are now on).

The two sites indicated below are for the two books (one nonfiction, the other fun-read noir thriller fiction based on the nonfiction analysis). All the info originally on those two sites has been moved to the main website (Coronado Mystery) where you are now already reading. Feel free to click and explore but it's mainly just a loop now, bringing you back here.